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Pet Photography education, for pet lovers and photographers

About the Network

This is our community, of pet lovers, instagrammers, aspiring and professional pet photographers.

A place where we can learn together, share experiences and stories, ask and answer questions, cheer each other on, and offer support and advice.Ā 

Wherever you are in your journey, whether you're using your phone and free software, or a pro camera and full suite of programs, there's a space to learn, improve, inspire and be inspired here.

How to Join

If you are in the Learning Journey, follow any of the links to the "Community". You will need to create a new account here, it is not linked to the website in any way!Ā 

Follow the instructions on this page

Everyone Else: You will also need to make an account, as the website is not linked to the Network. You will only be able to join via an invite link, as our Network is for members and students only.Ā